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April 14, 2008 at 3:25 am (Breast Cancer Awareness Merchandise) ()

Okay, so here are the first items up for bid on the BettyAnne show!!!!  Yes, yes- you’re dealing with a dork.  So these are tea wallets.  on the left there are 4 slots for those powders mixes you add to bottled water or for the tall slender sugar packets, and then the rest of the slots are for tea bags. Here are pictures of the color/pattern combinations I’ve made so far, feel free to ask me for other combinations:
Here are the different styles closed (some are the same on the outside, but vary inside...)
The colors/patterns shown are (from top left to bottom right) Asian-Pink Ribbon/hot green, Asian-Pink Ribbon/Deep Pink, Digi-Cam/Pink Ribbon Gingham, Digi-Cam/Deep Pink, Pink Ribbon Gingham/Aqua, Asian Pink Ribbon/Black, Pink Ribbon Gingham/Deep Pink 
 open tea wallets  
Each wallet is $10, plus shipping if neccessary.  All proceeds are going to my dear friend Jennifer Byrd, who’s selflessly trying to reach a $2200 goal to walk in the 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk in October, so if you’d like to pay more it’s all going to a good cause.  Here’s her myspace page with more information or go straight to the source! Please email me if you are interested in purchasing or if you have any questions.  Thank you in advance.


EDIT:  If you are still interested a tea wallet, wonderful, I’ll still gladly make you one but I don’t want to mislead you- at this point point the 3-day walk is over for 2008 and I’m  just making them in many different patterns for my own profit at this time.  Thanks for your interest.  I’ll post again if I start selling them or any other item for a cause.


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